Welcome to The Volkswagen Accountability Project. 

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with “Dieselgate,” the scandal in which Volkswagen admitted that it intentionally deceived regulators and the American public, and attempted to portray cars that emitted up to 40 times the legal limit of nitrogen oxide into the air we all breathe as environmentally friendly.  But while the Dieselgate story broke over two years ago, it is clear that there is much that is still unknown about it.

It is also clear – from VW’s other corporate actions, both in the run-up to Dieselgate and since that scandal became public – that Volkswagen has a culture of corruption that has not yet been fixed.

The Volkswagen Accountability Project exists to tell VW that the American public is watching, and to make sure that our lawmakers and regulators know that the fines VW has already paid – even though they are a record – are not enough.  Volkswagen needs to demonstrate to the American people that it has reformed its corrupt culture and is sincerely committed to following the rules.